15th February 2018
15th Feb 2018

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Sometimes the best thing to do is to take a bit of advice from your elders. That's whats on offer here, as three young climbers get to grips with some highballs and dynos in the jungle of Reunion Island. Its not easy, and the guys find that sometimes the problems just don't go - but then you have to keep trying right? Follow Kentin Boulay, Yohann Déchamps, and Alban Levier as they explore the best of what the Reunion Island has to offer. Check out the bouldering kit at the EpicTV Shop Climbing Highballs And Dynos In The Jungle | Les Trois Zoizo, Ep. 2

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Bouldering On Reunion Island

4 épisodes Dernières 1st Mar 2018
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Bouldering on The Reunion Islands is unique. A climbing experience you won't find in mainland Europe. In this 4 part series 3 French climbers get their fingers stuck into the local rock, old and new and show you the best of what the island has to offer.

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