19th May 2014
19th May 2014

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In the third episode of Southbound the boys wander through the region of Brittany, which was at one point in history its own Kingdom. This area is also known as Little Britain, and there is a strong Celtic influence and magical quality to the place that needs to be experienced to be truly felt. It is also a little overlooked when it comes to what France has to offer to surfers, but I'm sure the locals such as Ian Fontaine and Thomas Joncour don't mind that not many people know about how many set-ups they regularly have to themselves. The music featured is by Benedicte Emery who has more talent on a surfboard and a musical instrument than is really fair, and we are sure she's just beginning a very interesting journey on which her talents will lead her. Athletes - Ian Fontaine, Thomas Joncour, Benedicte Emery Locations - Brittany, North France

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Southbound - The European continent is so vastly varied and different, and what we set out to document in this journey beginning deep in the Arctic circle, and ending down south in the hot and dusty stretches of the Algarve, is the diverse and interesting pockets that combine to represent a larger European surfing experience. We hope to use imagery and sounds to give the viewer a good taste of what it is like to be a surfer in the various different areas we explore, and probably more importantly, we hope to show that surfing is a great connector of cultures, and even if we speak different languages and have grown up with different beliefs, as surfers we still share the same stoke that got us hooked in the first place.

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