03rd September 2014
03rd Sep 2014

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After being dropped by his main sponsor, Quiksilver, Clay Marzo finds perfect waves, a new girlfriend and a home away from home in Australia, but the surf industry continues to suffer tough economic times and his future remains uncertain. For the moment all worries are forgotten as he surfs some amazing lefts and gets huge barrels. He may not be making heats in big professional competitions or dominating the media spotlight, but it looks like Clay is winning to us. Is Clay Marzo the Best Unsponsored Surfer in the World? | What Happened to Clay Marzo, Ep. 4

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What Happened to Clay Marzo

What Happened to Clay Marzo

5 épisodes Dernières 11th Sep 2014

Clay Marzo was heralded by the late, great Andy Irons as 'the best 18 year old surfer in the world'. Kelly Slater said, 'He knows things I don't know about surfing.' He put together an incredible amateur and early pro career. His natural talent and potential were off the chart. Diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome, a mild form of autism, he found it difficult though to make his way in the cut throat world of professional surfing and fell victim to the economic downturn hitting the surfing industry. Now 24, he finds himself at a crossroads in his career. 'What Happened to Clay Marzo' takes an honest and insightful look the life and times one of the most unique and inspirational athletes of any sport.

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